Artificiality Bites Issue #12

Original article was published by Jaime Durán on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Artificiality Bites 💊 Issue #12

Hello Human! This is a new issue from my weekly newsletter, holding a tiny compilation made of interesting articles from last week, projects, tutorials and tools; all related to Data, Artificial Intelligence and adjacent topics. Bon appetit!

📝 Interesting articles this week

  • State of AI Report 2020
    An annual analysis of the most interesting developments in AI and its implications for the future.

🔧 Tutorials

📦 Repositories

  • facebookresearch/gtn
    A new open source framework for automatic differentiation with graphs. Read more at Facebook AI blog.
  • microsoft/qlib
    Qlib is an AI-oriented quantitative investment platform in which you can easily try your ideas to create better investment strategies.
  • parrt/tensor-sensor
    TensorSensor helps debugging tensor code by augmenting exception messages and visualizing the shape of tensor variables.

🎓 Courses / Events

🚀 Extra bits