Attend ODSC Milan Data Science Community Day January 16

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Attend ODSC Milan Data Science Community Day January 16

The field of data science isn’t confined to one or two pockets in America — it’s a global revolution that’s changing the landscape of industries throughout the world. That’s why we’re always introducing new meetings and events globally — all in the name of open data. We’re happy to announce the first-ever ODSC event in Milan — the Data Science Community Day, Thursday, January 16th, 2020.

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As is the course with other ODSC events, ODSC Milan will host a series of renowned names in data science, all attending to deliver workshops and training sessions designed to help you excel in your career. Confirmed speakers include:

Alberto Danese: Head Of Data Science | Nexi

Lucrezia Noli: Big Data Scientists | Dataskills Srl

Francesco Tarasconi: Senior Data Scientist | Celi

Paolo Tamagnini: Data Scientist | KNIME

Tomaž Kaštrun: SQL Server Developer, Data Scientist, and Microsoft MVP

Cristiano De Nobili, PhD: Senior Deep Learning Scientist | Harman & AINDO

Lucia Pagani: Senior Data Scientist | IQVIA

Alessandro Maserati: Manager Of Artificial Intelligence | Logol

… and more to come!

These speakers will present across the immersive one-day event, which will feature eight talk sessions and four workshops.

Some talks include:

Gradient Boosting — How it works and why it matters

Building an image classifier with Convolutional Neural Networks and Transfer Learning

Machine Learning & Data Fusion in three implementations

Guiding AI to generate the labels we do not have with Active Learning

NLP models, options and best practice

Model complexity vs interpretability — can you have it all?

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An ODSC event wouldn’t be complete without a fun extra event, too. At night and once the talks & workshops conclude, there will be a networking session where you can meet all of your fellow attendees and get your questions answered from the conference speakers.

Ready to attend the first-ever ODSC Milan conference? Register now for only $29 and don’t miss out on the first event of its kind.