Augmented Reality

Original article was published by Suraj Panker on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

What is Augmented Reality:- The real world with an extra layer of digital information means AR combines the physical world and the virtual world to recognize each other and interact together with the help of computer vision and machine learning.

Why AR is a Challenge:- The virtual and real-world must coexist perfectly, To allow smooth interaction with it , all this in real-time, which remains quite complicated for now.

What are the differences between AR & VR? Both of them offer new ways to enhance their vision with the help of technology and their work is different with respect to each other. VIRTUAL REALITY provides a unique way that people see and experience and AUGMENTED REALITY combines both the world and present a different world in front of us.


Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-generated an alternate world that completely immerses the viewer onto an artificial environment, offering a new experience with no sense of the real world. It requires equipment, headsets, and gloves, and interactions within this alternate reality are digital and not the real world.


Augmented Reality (AR), as we said before, relies on a real-life view of the world with virtual images projected into it (generally through the camera of a mobile phone). The real world remains central to the experience and is enhanced by virtual elements that generally interact with it.

With AR, discover a new way to interact with the world

It opens a whole new range of creative content, erasing every limit of the physical world. That’s how Google recently brought dinosaurs back to life on the user’s screen by offering 3D high-end models that everyone can display at home.

For now, the most famous AR experiences are made for smartphones, as everybody is used to Snapchat & Instagram filters to enhance selfies and create enriched pictures of everyday moments.

As a concrete example in retail, the app Ikea Place allows you to place your future sofa in your living room, in AR, to see if it fits your environment and match your colorful carpet.

Everybody has also heard off Pokemon Go, the Niantic’s mobile game downloaded 750 million times. The app, based on maps & GPS location, has created the biggest pokemon hunts in the world, allowing people to catch Pokemon in the street, gardens & monuments all over the world. Pokemon Go shows that all it takes is a good experience to accelerate mainstream adoption.