Augmented Reality: Bring your Imagination to Reality

What is Augmented Reality?

The world Augmented Reality is a combination of two words, Augmented and Reality. The word Augmented has originated from another word Augment, which means to enhance something or to add. Augmented Reality which is also called AR is used to enhance user experience by adding graphics, sounds, and touch feedback into the natural world. It is also known as the “mixed reality” where, the technology overlays new information like any object. It may be window providing information of climate, news, motion picture or super cars on top of the existing environment.

One of the best example of this is, Pokémon Game; hope you played that game. That’s Augmented Reality!!! looks like, in the same environment Pokémon comes around and the gamer tries to catch it by the Pokeball.

The Virtual reality is slightly different. It is a computer-generated simulation or replacement of one’s environment for example when you put on VR Headset it completely changes the work view, creating a new environment (An amazing Artificial World). In brain point of view, you are somewhere else.

Let’s talk about its history….

The traces of VR can be found in the year 1901 L.Frank Baum, the author mentioned the idea of

electronics display, 1962 where the filmmaker Morton Heilig (a cinematographer) created a simulator called Sensorama. It was a cabinet with the 3D display, vibrating seat, stereo sound, fan and scent producer, one of the experience was a feeling of riding a bike down the street of Brookline.

Ivan Sutherland (MIT Computer Scientist) been the godfather of eye display, 1968 he created first VR Headsets, 1987 when the actual term Virtual Reality was coined by JARON LANIER American computer philosopher, Computer Scientist and in 1990 Thomas Caudell coined the term Augmented Reality These were the beginning of the development of AR/VR technology.

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Source: Deep Learning on Medium