aurèce vettier

Original article was published by Beth Jochim on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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aurèce vettier is an artistic collective exploring new human-machine interactions. Based in Paris, we challenge traditional creative processes -painting, sculpture, photography- by using the additional dimensions and entropy offered by artificial intelligence.

Twitter: @aurecevettier
Instagram: @aurecevettier

Art+AI Expertise

The collective was founded by engineers Paul Mouginot and Anis Gandoura. Anis is a mathematics and computer science specialist. Paul has extensively written for art publications, including the Purple Diary. He also teaches at IFM the French Fashion Institute in Paris.


AI will not replace traditional creation, but will be used as a catalyst, offering serendipity. Following the steps of Pascal and Leibniz, artists already have more hybrid profiles, as they need to understand art and technology, but also philosophically think their practice.