Automate Your Machine Learning Tasks with H2O AutoML

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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the most searched content on the Internet among the programmers coming from different programming languages. The popularity of Machine Learning has led to a lot of research that today we have even reached to the concept of AutoML, where we can automate machine learning tasks by automating some of the complex processes of Machine Learning.

Now we have some interfaces which can help to automate machine learning code that can make our task a little bit easy, but you still need to know about Data Science and Machine Learning to look at your task, whether it is going in a right way or not.

H2O AutoML

With the packages provided by AutoML to Automate Machine Learning code, one useful package is H2O AutoML, which will automate the machine learning code by automating the whole process involved in model selection and hyperparameters tuning. In this article, we will look at how we can use H2O AutoML to Automate Machine Learning code.

Automate Machine Learning with H2O: Example

The dataset I will use for this task is based on the data of advertising, which consists of the sales of the Company as a dependent variable and it consists of features like Radio, Newspaper, and Television. You can download this dataset from here. Now let’s import the necessary libraries and have a look at the data:

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