Automatic Ticket Reply

Jatana replies to customers’ requests without the need for agent intervention

Jatana’s suggested replies are extremely accurate, so much so that you will soon want Jatana to reply to your customers without any agent intervention.

To do so, you will first have to go to the settings page and define an automation threshold.

By specifying an confidence score, you are telling Jatana if the reply should be suggested to the agent or sent directly to the customer.

Let’s look at some examples:

1 ) Confidence score is below automation threshold

As soon as the message from the customer is received, Jatana leverages the learnings made from the analysis of previous conversations to decide what’s the best reply to send to this customer.

Once a reply is identified, a confidence score of 55% is attached to the answer.

Since the confidence score of (55%) is below the threshold (70%), the best reply is suggested to the agent that can expand on the answer before replying to the customer.

This powerful feature is called Suggested Ticket Reply, and you can more about it here:

Suggested Ticket Reply

2) Confidence score is above automation treshold

Once again, as soon as the message from the customer is received, Jatana decides what’s the best answer and calculates a confidence score, but this this time there’s a difference:

The answer get a confidence score of 98%.

Since the confidence score of (98%) is above the threshold (70%), the best reply is automatically sent to the customer without the need for an agent to approve it.

Who we are

At Jatana, we leverage the Internet to connect the brightest people around the world.

While we have our HQ in Copenhagen, we tap into a decentralized network of AI scientists and partners to co-create AI that drives better customer centric experiences.

We do so because we firmly believe that global collaboration is the key to deliver the better performing AI solutions to our customers and to positively impact their business.

Our team sits across continents, giving us the ability to provide support to our customers around the clock, as well as to build a mutually beneficial network where the benefit for one will indirectly benefit the rest.

We aim at building one of the most unique and fulfilling workplaces that exist, by rethinking a lot of traditional practices.

We keep calling this “#wecocreate”.

Let the journey begin

We are excited about the future.

For every question, feedback, potential interest in adopting Jatana please reach out at

Thank you,
and stay tuned!

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