Automating the World

Artificial Intelligence enables automation. When robots complete tasks and computers make decisions independently, we are automating our work. Robots and computers can do our work because they can be trained with algorithms to learn as humans do.

Neural Network algorithms are inspired by how brains work. A human brain is composed of approximately 100 billion neurons. However, the commercialized neural network algorithms we are applying to businesses nowadays work with approximately 10,000 neurons.

The reason I have noted these statistics is because I want you to know — unless there is a breakthrough in AI — there is a long way for us to go before we can invent AI that can think about AI. However, the simple AI available to us nowadays is sufficient for us to start automating some of our work.

But can we replace all human labor with automation? We would need to develop better Neural Networks Algorithms. We would need to invest in infrastructure to capture more data. We would need to make it simpler to apply algorithms in computers and robots.

Evolution is already rewarding those who are contributing to automation. Now imagine if we can inspire governments, universities, businesses and individuals to work together towards this goal. Could that be our best bet towards achieving peace and prosperity?

Source: Deep Learning on Medium