BANCA bi-weekly report 7.12.2018

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

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General Update:

We expect the development of CoinUltra will enter testing phase very soon and it will be interesting for us to see our great modules working together.

Product Update and Development Progress:

1. Finished: The prototype of CoinUltra front-end and back-end development has been finished.

2. In progress: The training of the first version of our NLP model is finished with relatively satisfactory accuracy. We need to improve on it by adding more data especially data in certain under-represented classifications.

3. In progress: We have begun the integration test in the past week and are expected to move to a full testing phase for CoinUltra in near future.

Banca — The Wall Street on Blockchain!

A team of veterans from Wall Street and Silicon Valley is creating new type of a community platform using blockchain technology, facilitated by Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, to build Wall Street on Blockchain. The project is named ‘BANCA’.

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