Basic statistics in R for busy aspiring data scientists

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Basic statistics in R for busy aspiring data scientists

( Learning basic statistics does not hurt and will help you to become a better developer in future)

It is very important that we learn statistics before applying any machine learning techniques. Here are some commands to keep in mind while you are trying to get some statistical inference from your data. The data we are going to use comes pre-installed in R. It is called mtcars dataset. To view the structure of the dataset, we can cut the head and see it.

  1. Mean:
apply(mtcars, 2, mean)

Note: Here 2 indicates mean along column(same in below examples)

2. Median:

apply(mtcars, 2, median)

3. Standard Deviation

apply(mtcars, 2, sd)

4. Variance

apply(mtcars, 2, variance)

5. Frequency table


6. Relative Frequency table


7. Quartile

quantile(mtcars$mpg, probs = c(0.05, 0.1, 0.5, 0.9, 0.95))

8. Range


9. Getting summary


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