Be a Better Employee Through Copying a Neural Network

Original article was published by Lazarina Stoy on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

After what seems like forever, provide your ambiguous response.

Let’s cut the crap. We both know you will not do a super decent job in your ‘training’. You wasted your time reading articles like this one and now your deadline is due.

The key is to be ambiguous.

You need to fool everyone into thinking they can’t function in today’s competitive market without you. Just like neural networks somehow convinced programmers to use them at any given opportunity, overcoming all shallow learning approaches, even for little tasks:

Oh, yeah? Sort these in alphabetic order? Let me just whip out raspberry pi and do a simple function…. AAAAN activation function!


If any investor knew what was really going on, they would say:

‘A neural network? Pft, we don’t need that. Timmy, here, does a wonderful job at crunching the numbers!’

Start giving people ambiguous answers to their questions, make them wonder about what you do for a living… Even though they have seen you eat lunch at your desk for years now.

Leave things to the imagination.

If all else fails, become deep.

You tried everything. You are net-working… training like crazy; heck, you are even testing. Nobody understands what you are trying to say, your co-workers are avoiding you…

The OG meme, referenced in the first inception net paper, snipped from Raj’s article in TDS

Well, there is only one thing to do — go deep.

It’s time to get real philosophical on them, make them think they don’t understand you, nor the AI you are trying to mimic. Say something about the robots taking over and you being the revolution, I am sure this will work just fine.