Bharat Drone by DRDO is a boon for Indian Army ongoing India-China Tension

Original article was published by Techgrasper on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

DRDO’s (Defence Research & Development Organisation) Chandigarh Based laboratory has developed a drone named as Bharat drone.

The ongoing tension between India and China has yet not ended. The Chinese army has not backed off as both the army agreed before. Two countries China and Pakistan has always interfere in border dispute. At both the site called as LAC (line of Actual control) between India and China and LOC (line of Control) between India and Pakistan there has been always Army face off between China and India or India and Pakistan respectively. The Chinese and Pakistani Army always crosses LAC and LOC.

Therefore to keep Surveillance on Indo China border drones are to be used but at high altitude and hilly region there is need of high-tech drone which can work easily cold weather condition and high altitude regions.

Studying all conditions Chandigarh based DRDO laboratory has developed Bharat drone indigenously for Indian Army for surveillance on LAC.

Do you Know China has also developed mini unmanned helicopter called as AR500C which works great at high altitude and in cold weather condition. But the Bharat drone is not like mini helicopter, it is smaller than it and accurate in surveillance.

What are the features of Bharat Drone ?

  • The Design of the Bharat drone is so perfect that it works on high altitude accurately.
  • The developers stated that it is “worlds most agile and lighter Surveillance drone”.
  • The drone is fully automated and works at any locality with great perfection.
  • The drone is equipped with night vision which helps it to work at night with secrecy so that radar can’t caught it.
  • To make the drone so advance developers programmed the drone with Artificial Intelligence Which plays a important role in detecting Friends and enemies.
  • The main feature of the Bharat drone is, it can work in extreme weather condition. Normally in areas like LAC and LOC the weather condition is in extreme cold, In this extreme conditions drone is well equipped to work accurately.
  • The next feature of drone is that it provides Real time video footage scanning the situation and according to reports it also can find hidden humans in deep forest covers.

All we can say that Bharat drone is boon for Indian Army, it is too advance some of its features are still hidden. DRDO has Provided Bharat drone to Indian Army so that helps to keep an eye on situation at LAC and LOC. This drone will be more helpful for future operations for Army.