Big AI-driven Shifts to Happen in 2020

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

Development of new schools of AI

Despite the advances in AI made over the preceding decade, the field is still in its infancy. Its potential is vast, and organizations are still learning the full extent of its capabilities. These learnings are set to accelerate exponentially, as the interplay between various fields of AI research continues to uncover new possibilities. Much of this will be driven by organizational need, as is the case with explainable AI. With AI solutions playing an increasingly vital role in the running of businesses, businesses require an overview of the factors, attributes, and statistics fuelling these predictions and suggestions. The need to understand the logic at play is a growing market, with Gartner estimating 30 percent of government and large enterprise contracts requiring these solutions by 2025.

Another developing school of AI research is that of autonomous AI. This is especially prominent in the automotive industry, with both traditional manufacturers such as Volkswagen, GM, and Ford and ride-hailing businesses such as Uber and Ola exploring the potential of driverless, autonomous systems. However, this application is set to greatly expand its horizons, as a host of other industries invest time and funds into space.

The integration of AI with the field of robotics will set the stage for a further wave of disruption, as manual tasks are gradually handed over to automated systems, whether in agriculture, shipping, or delivery.