Big Things Are Coming — Lebanon’s Largest AI Community is Evolving

Original article was published by Alaa El Hariri on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Big Things Are Coming — Lebanon’s Largest AI Community is Evolving

Beirut AI was founded in 2017 with the aim of making Artificial Intelligence (AI) accessible to the Lebanese community members who are enthusiastic about broadening their skillset and career opportunities. And since then we have provided countless workshops, graduated over 150 participants over our three AI bootcamps and had multiple teams enter the hackathons we helped organize. We’ve partnered with local and international organizations with the aim of providing the highest quality content that we can.

And today we are happy to announce that we are taking the next steps to expand our reach and provide bigger and better AI engagement through content, events, and opportunities to all those interested!

What’s Next for Beirut AI?

Over the past couple of years, our efforts have been largely focused on small scale events. We organized regular workshops on a monthly basis, quarterly meetups where we host AI practitioners and experts, hackathons, and bootcamps. Today, we are shifting our focus from targeted, shorter format events to formats that we believe will be of larger impact to our community!

You will see larger events and programs that will aim to cater to a wider audience than Beirut AI’s typical techie enthusiasts. Our monthly workshops will now be lumped into multiple day events where technical and business persons can join to learn how AI can impact their career. The larger formats will allow more time for anyone participating to expand their network, resulting in potential exciting collaborations for our community. We’re also designing programs that aim to upskill university students throughout their academic year!

We believe that in this way we are able to cater to a larger audience of AI enthusiasts in Lebanon so they can hone their skills more effectively.

Have any suggestions for programs or topics that you’re itching for us to consider? Don’t hesitate to contact us with your suggestions!

Get a Taste! AI Weekend is coming this November!

Our first AI Weekend is happening this November, where we will bring technical workshops, business case studies, and industry experts engaging in AI!

The event will contain two tracks, a Technical AI track and a Business AI track with each containing multiple 1–2 hour workshops to help participants tackle different topics. You’ll also get a chance to engage with AI experts and discover AI in practice!

Be the first to know when the AI Weekend launches and get a sneak peek to the juicy details by signing up for our newsletter!

In the meantime… Check out these resources

Just because we don’t have any events for you in October, doesn’t mean we don’t have your back!

AI Events Happening this Month!

Wonderland AI is a global AI summit that allows you to connect to some of the world’s leading AI companies and experts! Check out the speakers’ roster and you might see some familiar faces!

You have two options for signing up for the event. You can sign up for FREE to attend the keynotes day, and you can also register for an AI Bootcamp for an additional sign up fee. Check it out and join a thousand other participants!

Ever been curious about how you can start your career in AI. Four different experts with different stories will give a talk (virtually) on how you can get started in your AI career! Don’t miss out!

Pandemics and Ethics: A White Paper in IEEE-SA

Contact Tracing Applications and Contact Tracing Technologies (CTA/CTT) are being hailed as a way to keep tabs on the spread of the Coronavirus across different countries and regions. But with the spread of such technologies, it begs the question of how they impact the privacy and security of the individual? How do we maintain the security of those using such devices?

To ensure that these innovations adhere to certain accountability and transparency standards are adhered to, the IEEE IEEE Ethics Certification Program for Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (ECPAIS) developed a new AI ethics-oriented certification. Read all about it here.

Find Your Next AI Job or Volunteer opportunity with Beirut AI

Ready to take your next career leap?

Check out Beirut AI’s career page where you can find jobs posted from multiple companies hiring Lebanese individuals! Companies like Netways, Slydealer, BMB Group, and AI Venture labs are looking for talented individuals like you!

Check out the job postings here.

Maybe you’re just looking to help the community grow and thrive on the side. Well, we have just the opportunities for you. Beirut AI is always looking for talented individuals who want to make a change in the community. No matter your skillset we are sure to have a place for you. From web development to marketing, to design and more we are happy to see you join our team.

Check out all the volunteering opportunities here.