Bill Gates Plans to Create a Coronavirus Self-Detection Test

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Bill Gates Plans to Create a Coronavirus Self-Detection Test

According to USA Today, Bill Gates is getting ready to fund an at-home test kit for the coronavirus in Seattle, Washington.

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The plans are not yet final, but he plans for them to be available in the “coming weeks.” The Seattle Times stated that the kits would recognize the most impacted places of the virus. The leader of the coronavirus response at the Gates Foundation, Scott Dowell, reported in the Seattle Times that it “has enormous potential to turn the tide of the epidemic.” However, the date to begin is not in place because of so many features to manage. Dowell added, “While we’re working quickly with our partners to determine what’s possible, details of this support have not yet been finalized.”

Bill Gates funded the Seattle Flu Study at the University of Washington with $20 million. Seattle Children’s, Brotman Baty Institute, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and UW Medicine are partners in the enterprise.

The Gates Foundation provided $100 million to assist in worldwide efforts to fight the coronavirus. Recently, they offered an additional $5 million to “help public health agencies in the greater Seattle region to enhance their capacity to detect novel coronavirus in King County, Snohomish County, and other surrounding communities.”

A Plan in Progress

The Seattle Times stated that individuals would swab their noses, return the samples, and receive an answer in one to two days when the test is ready. People would also complete online forms about other people they have been near and places they have been outside the home. The information will assist health officials in recognizing where the virus spreads. In the beginning, there would be 400 tests conducted daily.