Business through Music #1

I have been playing the piano since I have sense of memory, To the point where I even have videos of myself tapping on the piano as a little baby sat on my father’s lap when I couldn’t even crawl properly. Today I’m currently 21 going through one of the most important phases in my life, the phase when I finally decided to follow the entrepreneurial life. Here I try to share with whoever may be reading the internal connections that I’ve recently been making and has help me to take this path in life.

When I was around 7 years old, my parents signed me up to this piano class with a Russian teacher that was supposed to be a big deal at the moment in the city. I was a little interested back in the day into learning piano because my dad was and still is a master pianist and I wanted to learn how I could CREATE something like he was playing.

What happened?

Weeeeell…. She kind of ended up refusing to keep up teaching me just a couple months after we started classes because I wouldn’t practice the songs she wanted me to learn. Telling me that I had no talent nor discipline she insisted that I had no future in this instrument whatsoever.

But why didn’t I practice when I wanted to learn?

Instead of practicing those songs that someone was literally forcing me to learn, I used to sit down on that piano and learned how the keys sounded so I could start playing them together in a certain order so I could make small chords that eventually led to a song of my own.

“Okay I get it, you played the piano… where is the business part in this thing?”

In order for you to understand the connection I want you to make I need to make emphasis and remind you that every person LEARNS in a different way. While some people learn in a very efficient way from just studying off a book. Me, on the other hand, I’m the type of person that really achieves a deep learn when APPLIES the knowledge in real life.

This “teacher” wanted me to learn something the same way she was taught to play music, but she didn’t comprehend that I required different techniques in order to learn. Why do we have to play the song that is put in front of us instead of creating our own? Why limit a mind that wants to achieve more with the information given to it?

This made me want to learn a different way… My way

So in the process I learned that in order to become BETTER, you really have to ask yourself how can you do things BETTER in your life.

Yes “BETTER” is a very ambiguous word. So let me start explaining how I found meaning in this….

Let´s just pretend for a moment that a SONG is a whole BUSINESS MODEL. Yes I know it sounds little crazy but bear with me!

When I compose a SONG I try to take a set of RHYTHMS that putted together sound good so I can CREATE a song with them if putted together.

When trying to build a BUSINESS you must to find a set of ACTIONS that putted together help you CREATE a business.

If you get some good CHORDS and follow the RHYTHM that you want that specific song to sound like, then you´ll end up CREATING a good song.

If you take some good ACTIONS and follow them in a certain FREQUENCY going towards where you want your business idea to go, then you´ll end up CREATING a good business.

But wait, here is the trick?

There is a big difference between a “good song” and a “great song”

The main reason my city hasn’t seen any GREAT company emerge since 1996 is that people started getting comfortable with just a “good enough” song that got the JOB done. Good enough to live a “good” life.

But how do you get from a GOOD company to a GREAT company?

The same way to take a GOOD song to a GREAT song.

There may be more than 1 answer to this question but here is how I personally got an answer through music.

I continued playing in piano classes (with another teacher of course) on and off during my childhood and teenage years. Why? Because I learned that in order to make GREATER song I needed GREATER chords.

I tried many things to get started in my journey of building a GREATER song, but the most efficient way for me to learn new, better chords, was to learn the chords of GREAT songs that already existed.

From there I could LEARN the chords they used so I could be able to APPLY them in the certain RHYTHM that I wanted my song to sound like.

“Oh shit this is getting interesting”

What if I could LEARN the actions successful people used and APPLY them in a certain WAY to get my business idea where I want it to be.

By “actions” I mean all sorts of knowledge:
 — Habits of Excellence
 — Strategies and tools
 — Lessons learned by experienced people
 — Business models already tested
 — Books

And lucky for you, there is a SHIT TON of GREAT information out there for you to learn called “THEORY” :O

Yes the term sounds boring because it probably reminds you of school. But if you really want to understand what took a company to become GREAT you first need to study what GREAT actions they took in order to get there and see how you can apply them for your own success.

I want to recommend you some of the information that has recently taken me to achieve a greater sense of consciousness towards my own success.

Hope you find this information as useful as I did and I’ll keep posting here what i learn in my own process so that you’re able to build a great song just as I’m doing!

Thank you!

– The Answer- John Assaraf

– Talking to Humans:- Frank Rimalovski

– Job-To-Be-Done — Anthony W. Ulwick

– The Innovator´s solution: Clayton Christensen

– Good to Great- James C. Collins

– How to win friends and Influence people- Dale Carnegie

Source: Deep Learning on Medium