Can Artificial Intelligence Assist the World in Combating with COVID-19?

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Can Artificial Intelligence Assist the World in Combating with COVID-19?

There is theory exists that after every 100 years world faces a pandemic which suddenly emerges and hits it fiercely. And, if we take a glance on history then it seems true. In 1720 — pandemic of Plague; 1820 — Cholera outbreak; 1920 — Spanish Flu smashed the world abruptly and took hundreds of million lives. The last Spanish Flu pandemic had victimized almost every third person of world population at that time. This time COVID-19 knocks the world door and striking the people brutally. China which was the pivot of this pandemic lost almost five thousands lives and millions of livelihood in combating this deadly virus so far. At the time of writing, virtually three million people are infected and more than two hundred thousand people lost their precious lives around the globe. Still economist are failed to predict how many people are lost their livelihoods due to worldwide lock-down situation and how many are going to lose it. All of these figures are so terrible and no one knows what will be going on.

In this grave and uncertain situation where everyone is under the danger of lethal virus, even our front line soldiers in this pandemic are not safe from it. Doctors are saying that without vaccine no one can halt this novel virus. Preparation of vaccine would take almost the time of one year because it is a long process of trial and some protocols are mandatory to follow. In this span of one year social distancing is something which can safeguard the lives of citizens. To maintain social distancing a worldwide lock down is imposed and due to it everyone is glued to their homes and waits until the situation would normal. The importance of technology is more escalated in this testing time. We are living in 21th century which is the era of technology and advancement. We can save millions of lives, if we use this technology especially artificial intelligence (AI) wisely. There are some important steps which we should take regarding artificial intelligence in this hard time.

Identify to track and Forecast Outbreak:

Artificial Intelligence which is also called (AI) can predict about coming outbreak and give us enough time for the preparation. Blue Dots which is Global Artificial Intelligence Database Company, uses A.I powered algorithm, machine learning and natural language processing to analyze information from multi resources and then predict about incoming outbreaks.

December 31, Blue Dots sent warning to its customer to avoid Wuhan, ahead of both US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). But WHO sent out a notice until January 9th, 2020. It shows that AI is very helpful for prediction in future about the outbreaks, precisely. Early to this month Blue Dots forecast for the swiftly spreading of this virus in Asia.

Help to Minimize Fatality:

Yet, there is only one way to shield the people from this deadly virus is social distancing. One of the main reasons of fast spreading is social exposure of the people which transmit it into another one. Through AI, we can swiftly detect the people who came in contact with the infected one, and this is one of the best ways proved till yet to save lives of citizens. Germany, which early exposed from this terrible virus used this technology wisely and safeguards thousands of lives.

Due to the emerging of virus on sudden and vast level, the health care system around the globe is under pressure and in some countries collapsed due to patient burden. AI can reduce the burden from our health care system and act as a helping hand for the doctors. The front line soldiers in this grave situation are also exposed and some of them lost their lives in fighting with this virus. Thousands of Doctors, Nurses and Paramedical staff have infected from this virus and many of them sacrificed their lives during their duties. China was the first country which uses Artificial Intelligence to alleviate the burden from soldiers and use robots in hospitals, effectively.

Help to diagnose the virus:

Artificial Intelligence Company Infervision launched a Corona virus AI solution that helps front line health workers detect and monitor the disease efficiently. Because the health department of the world is under pressure, doctors urging for help to increase the diagnostic speed and IA gives a solution.

Drones Deliver Medical Supply:

One of the fastest and safest ways to get supplies under this situation is possible through drones. In these circumstances in which every human is exposed in front of this virus and no one can safely move around to help others. In this situation, drones are something which can provide not only medical supply but also supply other necessary things to needy ones. Many countries, especially in Europe the governments are used this technique very effectively for the sake of help.

Speed Up Drug Discovery:

The better we knew the virus, the better we can fight with it. AI not only predicts about the outbreak but also play core role in the preparation of vaccine. The key of developing the vaccine effectively is to recreate the virus genome sequence and build a copy of the virus. China is the first country which started working on it and fortunately, they remained able to develop the virus genome sequence precisely. Now, Chinese Scientist starts trial on animals. In 2003, Scientist had taken several months to recreate the virus genome sequence of SAR’S Virus but this time in just one month span the Scientists have remained successful in the preparation due to the Artificial Intelligence.

Robots sterilize, deliver food, supplies and perform other tasks:

Robots are not susceptible to the virus, so they are being developed and used to complete many tasks such as cleaning and delivery of food and other medical assistance to reduce the human interaction to each other. UVD robots from Blue Ocean Robotics are developed in such a way which can kill bacteria and viruses. Robots are widely used in crises time in the west not only in the hospitals but also to perform other tasks.

Information Verification:

The uncertainty of the pandemics are unavoidably resulted many rumors and myth on social media. People are spreading many misinformations’ which can create agitation and chaos among the public. To avoid this Google and Facebook are battling to stop the spread of these rumors and myths and linked the people with regarding Organizations, so that people can get right information. In this crises time in which everyone is so sensitive and uncertain about their future, it is necessary to update the people with right information and data about the current situation.

To identify Infected Individuals:

Thermal cameras have been used for some time now for detecting people with fever. While certainly a controversial use of technology and AI. China’s sophisticated surveillance system used facial recognition technology and temperature detection software from sense time to identify people who might have a fever and more likely to have a virus.

Chabot’s to share information:

Tencent operates WeChat, and people can access free health consultation regarding COVID-19. Chatboats also provides also provides in the travel and tourism industry to keep travelers updated on the latest travel procedures and disruptions.


We are living in the era of technology and innovations which drastically changed our lives. As now, the world is passing through difficult time; we should use this technology in combating with invisible enemy and save the world from novel virus. We must have to rely on technology in this testing situation and use it to save precious lives.