Can I Become a Data Scientist without Computer Science Degree?

Original article was published by Varsha S on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Can I Become a Data Scientist without Computer Science Degree?

This is probably the most asked question by many people irrespective of the field!

The answer to this question is a BIG YES! To be more specific i would say your more lucky.

So what actually is these buzz words: data science or AI or machine learning?

Data science provides meaningful information based on large volumes of data(popularly known as big data). Data science gets solutions and results to specific problems. If Data science produces insights then machine learning produces predictions, while artificial intelligence produces actions. They are all highly interdependent on each other. Let’s keep it for another story.

How your lucky if your in some other field or domain?

According to me, Data Science or AI is just a tool to solve a real world problem using good amount of data. So the main players here is ‘the problem’ and ‘the data’.

Say for example your a Bio-technologist or a Doctor, your major field or domain is Medicine or health care or biology. There are thousands of data related problems yet to be solved in your domain. Let it be developing precision medicine or medical robotics. All these need an intense domain knowledge which you already have!

The second player is the data. The most important aspect of data science is obviously the data. Do you think you can understand the genetic data after completing your computer science degree? Definitely Not! So you get to understand the data your going to analyze much better. These two are the base and major part of data science.

Being computer science graduate will help you to code, improve or fine tune your model, provide optimized and better working code. But to be honest all of these are doable without a computer science degree. You have to do self study. Everyone will have to do self study these days due to the rapid growth in technology.

I am an IT graduate and a machine learning engineer.We don’t have Machine leaning or data science in our syllabus.Trust me not even python is in my syllabus. I had to do self study and learn different techniques. I wanted to proceed my work in the field of health care and quantum computing. It would have been much better if i had domain knowledge. Though i can do self study and improve myself but I sometimes really wish i had better domain knowledge.

So in my case i have to do self study for acquiring domain knowledge as well as to become a better machine learning engineer. But for you Voila! You already have domain knowledge you just have to concentrate in improving your coding skills and data science knowledge.

Though the other way around i.e; learning data science is also not so easy as it seems to be but it is absolutely doable because it is also not as difficult as you see it in the internet. All you need is consistency and passion nothing else.

Just take up a problem which your fascinated about. Start doing your research. Learn new things and more importantly start implementing and stop searching a lot whether you can do it or not. Because you can absolutely do it.

In my upcoming blogs I will cover how to proceed in the field of data science especially in machine learning along with my personal and professional journey towards achieving my dreams.


P.S: Everything in my blog is my opinion and my personal experience.

Thank you for reading!