Can OLPORTAL’s Decentralized Platform Give Wings to BPOs and Services Industry?

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Can OLPORTAL’s Decentralized Platform Give Wings to BPOs and Services Industry?

Business Processes Outsourcing is an essential element of global economic processes. In 2019, the global outsourcing market was worth $92.5 million. And this is tremendous given the sector was worth roughly 6% in 2006.

Moreover, especially developing countries have been capable of being the clear winners and various factors have contributed to this. Factors like the demographic dividend, the time-zone advantage, and cost arbitrage have made Business Processes Outsourcing not only a reality but a successful business strategy for many global corporations.

Nevertheless, it is wrong to assume that these factors have only benefitted the developing world. Global trade overall has benefited immensely from this. This has allowed corporations to focus on their core businesses. Moreover, the labor market has expanded and has allowed many skilled and competent workers to enter the knowledge economy from developing countries from across the world.

Apart from the reduced cost for the businesses on their back-room services, they are also able to receive more detailed feedback on their products through service providers who are closer to the customers. These have benefitted global productivity to a large extent.

AI as a Major Service

Artificial Intelligence is a major service that is being used by businesses across the world for various functions. There are platforms run by huge players like Google which help businesses develop certain customized AI functions, and bigger tech joints helping businesses design and deploy complex AI systems.

These systems can be used for many functions, needed by different industries. From manufacturing to entertainment, from foods and beverages to fashion, all industries are using some kind of AI services to run their businesses more effectively.

Can OLPORTAL Double as a Decentralized Market Place for BPO Services?

While most BPO services are provided by large firms on an extensive scale that cater to the needs of large corporations, the smaller companies cannot often benefit from these. A decentralized market place like that of OLPORTAL can be very effective in allowing small scale service providers to get in contact with smaller companies who are seeking out such services.

Therefore, it will be in their mutual benefit to access such a decentralized platform where all players can be equally represented. In this respect, a more flexible and inclusive ecosystem for AI as a service can be created.

On the OLPORTAL platform, the developers can design pre-trained chat-bots that can be used in businesses. These can be used for advertising, or customer service or any other services for that matter. While the platform provides an inclusive entry point for small scale developers, with its global outreach the platform provides enough opportunity for scaling up the businesses, who want to provide their AI services to other businesses.


Thus OLPORTAL can provide an ecosystem for both businesses and developers across the world to fulfill their AI needs. Neuro-chatbots can be used to their fullest potential in such a setup, for it will create a perfect competition and free access to a global market, which is the key to the functioning of the BPOs.

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