Case Study: ML Applications at

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

Case Study: ML Applications at

I had a great time attending the AWS AI Conclave Conference in Bangalore learning about their newly launched products and meeting with fellow ML industry experts. One of the sessions was by Subhahit Sanyal, Sr Manager, ML Platform Development, Amazon India and was fascinated by their ML use cases, hence decided to write it down and share it. He discussed in brief about multiple use cases using Machine Learning for enhancing User experience and efficiency on the Amazon app.

Here are the takeaways from the talk:

  1. Product Details page from Metadata:
  • Image to Text Description
  • Text Consistency in product details : ✓Eg: (liters, ltrs), (Sleeve, slve), etc

2. Affordability:

  • Varied Demographics
  • Ranking of affordability layers

3. Pricing Products:

  • Model price Elastic Demand
  • Wrong discounts and prices

4. Product Relationships:

  • Co viewed but not co purchased
  • Co purchase behavior
  • View logs/ purchase logs
  • Cold Start problem: ✓How do you start this with a new product?

5. Reviews:

6. Reviews Hygiene:

  • Help users write better reviews
  • Detect seller reviewer collusion
  • Algorithmic product design

7. Digression: Product Design Insights

  • Mining Reviews to gain Product Design Insights

8. QABot:

  • Question Answering Interface from the product metadata

9. Product Checkout flow: Addresses

  • Address Understanding
  • Quality

10. Ranking of payment methods:

  • Optimize the payment success rate

11. Product packaging:

  • Determine the most cost-effective packaging to use for a product