Celebrity Face Recognition

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Celebrity Face Recognition

Some times it happens you don’t know the name of the celebrity in the picture or in real life so this article gonna help you to build a face recognizer.

Recognizing celebrity face using transfer learning for this purpose we will have to use FaceNet model to extract features from the face.

The tasks we need to accomplish :

  • Getting the data
  • Getting the pre-trained model (FaceNet)
  • Detecting face boundaries and cropping
  • Generating embedding for data
  • Applying the classification algorithm
  • My fav part Prediction

Let’s go

Getting the data for training

There are many ways to get celebrity data :

  • Downloading images from google
  • create an Instagram scrapper to scrap images
  • Search for an existing dataset

I use Instagram to download images I only collect 15–20 images for each

Getting the pre-trained model (FaceNet)

The model can be downloaded from here:

Place the model inside the working directory

Detecting face boundaries and cropping

For detecting face boundaries, I have used Dlib

  • Loading dlib face detector CNN model
import dlibface_detect=dlib.cnn_face_detection_model_v1(“Data/model/mmod_human_ face_detector.dat”)
  • Detecting face and cropping it
def get_image_face(img):
faces = face_detector(img, 1)
for face in faces:
return crop_faces[0]
Image after cropping

Generating embedding for data

For Generating Embeddings we load over Keras model and pass the image through the model

def generate_embeddings(face_pixels):
# scale pixel values
face_pixels = face_pixels.astype(‘float32’)
# standardize pixel values across channels (global)
mean, std = face_pixels.mean(), face_pixels.std()
face_pixels = (face_pixels — mean) / std
# transform face into one sample
samples = expand_dims(face_pixels, axis=0)
# make prediction to get embedding
yhat = model.predict(samples)
return yhat[0]

The Embedding is 128 bit and can be easily used in the classification task.

Applying the classification algorithm

I simply used KNN for classification task you can use any model which you prefer.


Classified Image

If you have gotten this far into the blog give yourself a pat on the back because guess what? You’re awesome. The whole working repository is available on GitHub.

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