Chatbot and Voicebot — our new assistants

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Chatbot and Voicebot

Technology is now a customary trend for all of us and can’t think of our life without it. The smarter capabilities of modern technology is all set to bring more future trends that will blend into our lifestyle. The technology has covered almost all the domains today be it business, education, gadgets, retail sector or any other sphere. One area that underwent major transformation is the business and enterprise sector. Apart from production and inventory automation, the chatbot and voicebot implementation has also added to reshaping and gaining greater value to business organizations.

However, with the latest AI enabled services, the business activities are becoming more productive with enhanced communication processes — Thanks to chat and voice bots!

So, what’s a Chatbot?

It is an Artificial Intelligence software product that simulates a text based chat with a user while using a natural language presentation via some messaging application, website or over a telephone. This is one promising technology that regulates interaction between humans and machines. The implementation of chatbots is very popular and by now, you must have interacted with one such chatbot over a call to a customer care or while navigating through a corporate website.

As a smart technology, Chatbots add a lot to the profit percentage of businesses and aid customers in knowing the products and services better. As automated software, these bots are available 24/7 and save organization’s cost in hiring a dedicated person for the same. Also, it aids customers in getting solutions anytime and anywhere- Higher rate of customer satisfaction!

Then, what’s a Voicebot?

Similar to a chatbot, a voicebot is also an Artificial Intelligence software product that simulates a voice based chat with a user while using a natural language presentation. When a user interacts with a voicebot, in reply the voice bot communicates by smartly playing the appropriate recorded reply. A voicebot communicates when called upon on mobile phones, voice assistant devices (Google home, Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant), wearable devices and other IoT devices. With ease of use, this hands free communication method eradicates mechanical efforts required in a text based chatting software.

With ease of accessibility and quick mode of user interaction, the voicebots and voice assistants are gaining more popularity as an integral part of day to day activities. Moreover, the voicebots are becoming a favorite business to business and business to consumer communication method.

Well, that’s not the end

The popularity of both chatbot and voicebot integration is gaining pace. Both the bots perform seamlessly well in their dedicated implementation and gain more customer involvement with refined services. For such an amazing technology, we need to thank Artificial Intelligence world that is continuously bringing better and more user friendly intelligent systems into our lives.