Choose the Best Algorithm for Machine Learning Task

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Suppose you are planning to buy a new car. Your planning is never going to be as short as moving to the showroom and coming back home in a car. You will probably plan a lot even before seeing your first option. Now, you have selected 5 cars in your list, now you are confused about what option you should go for as you will use this for years. Now the best option to select one from the rest is by taking a test drive. This is the same thing we do to choose the best algorithm for Machine Learning task to select between some algorithms that can do the best prediction for us with a great accuracy rate.

How to Choose the Best Algorithm for Machine Learning?

As a practitioner in Machine Learning, you must have already gone through some classification tasks. If you have gone through then you must know that there is no algorithm in Machine Learning that will perform with the best accuracy rate for almost all machine learning tasks.

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