Classification of AI

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Weak AI: The study of design of machines that perform intelligent tasks.

  • Not concerned with how tasks are performed, mostly concerned with performance and efficiency, such as solutions that are reasonable for NP-Complete problems. E.g., to make a flying machine, use login and physics, don’t mimic a bird.

Strong AI: The study and design of machines that simulate the human mind to perform intelligent tasks.

  • Borrow many ideas from psychology, neuroscience. Goal is to perform tasks the way a human might do them — which makes sense, since we do have models of human thought and problem solving.
  • Includes psychological ideas in STM, LTM, forgetting, language, genetics, etc. Assumes that the physical symbol hypothesis holds.

Evolutionary AI: The study and design of machines that simulate simple creatures, and attempt to evolve and have higher level emergent behaviour. For example, ants, bees, etc.