Closed beta testing is live

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Closed beta testing is live 🥳

We have developed a beta version of our AI Sales Assistant. The user can interact and have a conversation with an intelligent virtual assistant to buy a car insurance policy based on his/her inputs. The beta is available on request. Top testers will be rewarded with VAI Tokens.

What you can expect from our beta version

The BETA version is built based on the PoC project we did jointly with our partner IBM. It is made to illustrate the possibilities and capabilities offered by the AI Assistant as an intelligent sales channel. In particular, the current version presents the process of selling car insurance and obtaining a car insurance policy. We will use this version to present it to various insurance companies/potential clients.

Please keep that in mind during beta testing!

Assumptions for beta testing

Persona 1: you are an insurance company that is trying out this software and evaluating it as a new intelligent sales channel

Persona 2: you are a regular customer that is looking to buy a car insurance

Rewards for active testers

Each tester will receive 10$ in VAI tokens (the native token of the VAIOT ecosystem).

The 3 most active testers will be rewarded with an additional:
1. 500$ in VAI
2. 300$ in VAI
3. 200$ in VAI

Being active means: sharing your remarks, reporting potential bugs, giving ideas for development, providing quality feedback and actively communicating with our devs.

How you can participate

Step 1) Go to

Step 2) Click on the request access button

Step 3) Fill out the pop-up form

Step 4) Our team will screen your application. Once approved you will receive an e-mail with all important information. NOTE: this may take a few days

Step 5) Follow the links in the e-mail. Download the app. Join the telegram group. Start testing 🙂


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