Co-Creating with AI

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Alex Today at 11:00 AM

@alivemachine can you say more about this different headspace and the tool? Also… does this comic make sense in this context:

Beau 2 hours ago

Parallel to this?“the focus is not on language as it is traditionally understood but rather on talk or, even more specifically, on talk-in-interaction. That is, not on language as an abstract set of words, meanings, or a system of contrasts as it has usually been conceived, but talk as a practical, social activity, located in settings, occurring between people, used in practices. This approach has significant implications for the way traditional issues of cognition are treated.”

alive machine 34 minutes ago

Yes this is what i’m talking about, to create empathetic tech it’s important to switch the focus from where we have traditionally been thinking about computers (coding machines, math, language, gates, conditions, variables) to an extension of your wide cognition and attention. The emphasis isn’t on data anymore but on energy, meaning the quantity of energy needed to breakthrough a frame and perform adaptative computation. Literally Paiper does not even allow you to clearly know what engine is active and where does the data come from and has it been created on the sport or did it exist before and who made it? The question of data as a token of value disappears completely. You cannot claim ownership but you also might be the only human to ever have found this generated data, and as it does with GPT, this data is useless considering the lack of metadata/context about it. This type of creation does not allow you to have any hold onto the data as a token of value. You have to be looking for something else with this kind of technology. Something that cannot belong to you or to the machine or to any specific engine or medium or art style. You are now searching for something that can only exist in-between you and the machine, in-between the mediums/the frames, in-between the pages, away from the ill desire to reduce your search, your work, your effort to a mechanical passive, repetitive behavior. You are now searching for newness, new ideas, new feelings.

alive machine 2 minutes ago

I think there is a misconception about what Creation is in the tech world. Creation is ALWAYS CO-CREATION. You are always creating in relationship to your tools, to your context, to your self. You are never channeling from the void, you are REPRODUCING sensations from the world. Today’s innovation in computation is incredibly slowed down because we have enforced huge boundaries, labels, brands, proprietarism between computational entities, we separate them the way we separate land, or resources in order to claim them and control materialistic gain from them. This puts the focus on all the wrong places, and disempowers creativity and maintains inequality and lack of diversity at all levels. This is why society fails to renew itself in a time of major crisis like right now. Imagination and creativity is almost totally gone compared to what it has been during Renaissance for example. We are entirely unable to perform any action that does not get back to us something immediately and obviously profitable right away. Even taking time off is made by necessity to maintain productivity in ones life. We can’t do more than a few clicks away from that productive madness and that’s why we can’t be creative anymore. This is what @maslo bot and Paiper and Storymapr and Orage allow, to explore computers and PLAY. Which makes them actually incredibly hard to use for most modern humans because it doesn’t deliver the usual dopamine reward “you have done good, this is your work, put your name on it, put it on our platform, get likes, get comments, get dollars…” it just play with you, play with your frames, surprises you, takes you where you didn’t think of going. Somehting mostly kids do.

Beau 9 minutes ago

and “play” is not something of inherent value (Profitable?) in modernity.
There is an adage (partially reinforced by science) that aside from those with natural talent/proclivity — drawing is a skill that can be improved at any point in life. Drawing is a skill that is encouraged until it isn’t. Children are socially maneuvered away from it, it is not reinforced in schools or society as students mature within the system. Somebody will draw at the level they stopped drawing at (giant tank treads on jet planes) until they actively start trying it again.
Play is a concept that needs to be retaught — or reinforced (co-learned?).

Beau 22 minutes ago

If you haven’t, I highly recommend Huizinga’s “Homo Ludens” (1938)

“Huizinga points out that the common characteristic of anyone explaining play is that “play must serve something which is not play” (2). Play is an element that merges with something else.”“Language and writing typically wear down the meaning of words and symbols into nothing through constant use. Poetry and play counter these more basic forms of communication by constantly infusing new meanings into familiar concepts.”

Full book PDF:

alive machine 11:37 AM

seeding pinterest with paiper is a beautiful thing:

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