CODOTA — Predict your next set of code using AI

Original article was published by Jimut Bahan Aich on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Best features of CODOTA :

  • Context based Code Suggestion: It understands your code and context to suggest the next possible steps so that you can write powerful and bug-free code.
  • Code snippet suggestion: It reduces your effort of searching for code to implement a particular feature. It brings everything to you. You just need to take the first step, Codota will search over all publically available code bases to find you most relevant code snippet without even opening your browser.
  • Code Review: Codota helps you in reviewing your code by understanding the duplicate codes and refactoring them for the purpose of re-usability.

Privacy Concerns ?

Codota does not upload any of your code to its server. Your code stays where it is and completely safe.

Below is the FAQ from Codota website.

Q | What information does Codota send to your servers?

A | Codota only extracts an anonymized summary of the current IDE scope. It does not access other files in your codebase and does not access other resources on your machine. The anonymized summary sent to Codota is only used for prediction and suggesting code to the user and is not stored on our servers.

Codota does not track individual keystrokes, and does not transmit values of literals (such as the content of Strings). All communication with Codota servers is done over https.

How to integrate Codota ?

Codota can be downloaded from here. It supports all major operating systems (i.e. Windows, Linux, Mac OS) and most of the IDEs such as Eclipse, IntelliJ, Android Studio. It is free for use and only charges for providing services for private repositories.