Comparing Chatbots To Mobile Apps

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Comparing Chatbots To Mobile Apps

Taking A Look At The Effect These Two Mediums Are Having On Each Other


Apps did not supersede websites, similarly chatbots won’t supersede apps. But they will change your behavior…

Example Of Conversational Digression

I want to take a look at how chatbots will change our practices and more specifically how other mediums will be impacted.

These mediums include not only apps, but also the web.

But First, What Constitutes A Chatbot…

You could argue a chatbot is made up of two elements; A Conversational UI enabled by Conversational AI.

It must be noted that there are Conversational User Interfaces with not much Conversational AI in the back, which does not make for a very human-like conversation.

There are common human conversational elements which should be part of a chatbot conversation. These include digression (like the example here), detection of intent, information gathering (entities), disambiguation and irrelevance detection.


During the initial stages of chatbot development cycle, rapid progress is made with seemingly low effort. This is due to the simple reason that there is no graphic user interface (GUI). With mobile applications there is a much larger barrier to entry, or initial barriers to progress.

With a mobile application most of the work is upfront with much lower subsequent maintenance and updates.

In turn, with chatbots most of the work only start after the launch; getting an initial viable conversation interface (MVP) out into the market is seemingly low effort.