Comparison of two face recognition software: Clarifai and Face++

Recently, I tried several products to extract demographics information from a profile image. My target was to obtain information about age, gender and ethnicity. I found as the prominent companies in the sector are Clarifai and Face++. I integrated my trial software with both products and I found Clarifai’s performance is a little bit better than Face++ .

  1. Clarifai provides the probability value of its predictions. (predicted gender is female with a probability %52) So, it is possible to eliminate the results having low prediction score. On the contrast, Face++ does not provide that value. This is an unwanted situation because in binary classification technique, the prediction always has a result, even its score is not very high.
  2. Clarifai correctly predicted the ethnicity of the image below as “White”, while Face++ wrongly predicted it as “Black”. But on the other hand, Clarifai could not found the gender value correctly, while Face++ correctly marked it as male.
  3. The disadvantage of Clarifai is its low quota for free usages. It permits only 2500 api calls per month for free accounts. But Face++ does not specify any upper limit for free accounts. It has only one single limitation, which is 1 api call per second.

I hope my hands-on experience about these softwares will help you choose the right product.

Result of Clarifai: (

Gender: feminine (prob. score: 0.510), masculine(prob. score: 0.490)
 Age: 55 (prob. score: 0.356)
 Ethnicity (Multicultural appearance): White: (prob. score: 0.981)

Result of Face++: (

Gender: male
 Age: 53
 Ethnicity (Multicultural appearance): Black

Originally published at Emre CALISIR.

Source: Deep Learning on Medium