Complementary Identity

Original article was published by Ilexa Yardley on Deep Learning on Medium

Why you can’t use words or numbers (or algorithms) (‘equations’) to tell you what you need to know…

Complementary Identity Photo by Fabrice Villard on Unsplash

You can’t use words, or numbers, or algorithms, or ‘equations,’ to tell you what you need to know. This is because all of these depend on the symbolic relationship between X and X. Also known as ‘complementary identity.’

X and X (Complementary Identity

The Number ‘Two’

That is, the number ‘two’ is as basic as (is required for) the number ‘one.’ Or, if you can ‘go there’ in your mind, the number ‘two’ is an alternate symbol for the number ‘one.’

One and One
One and Two

This is not something you will ‘learn’ in mathematics. Or language (class). Because, technically, you are, in this article, being ‘exposed’ to the core dynamic in Nature (which has not made its way into the ‘academic’ ‘literature’) as of ‘yet.’

This is because it is, to most, way too confusing.

The Number ‘One’

Although, if you think about it, carefully, it is not confusing at all. It’s just that you have to remove yourself from conventional ideas about ‘Reality.’ All of the ‘ideas’ you learn(ed) in ‘school.’

Conventional ideas are bound by the basic idea called ‘sequence.’ Where sequence is, go back to the beginning of this article, is bound by the base relationship (complementary identity), X and X.

This is because X and X is, also, X and Y. Because X and Y is, mandatorily, X and X.’

X and Y
X and X’


Meaning it is impossible to have X without X’. This is because it is impossible to have circumference without diameter (zero without one).

0 and 1
Circumference and Diameter

Explaining why we are bound by complementary identity (i.e. black and white, day and night, hot and cold, near and far, here and there, then and now, big and small, male and female, true and false, yes and no, etc. etc. etc.) (background and foreground in general).

All of these are bound by X and Y (X and X’). Despite what you are taught (what you already know) in mathematics.


This is because the basic for mathematics (symbolism in general) is the conservation of a circle.

Conservation of the Circle (Complementary Identity)

Conservation of the Circle is the core, and, therefore, the only, dynamic in Nature. Explaining complementary identity, the basis for symbolism in all disciplines (the basis for a discipline (discipline) in general).