Convlutional Neural Network(CNN)

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In this Chapter of Deep Learning, we will discuss the Convolutional Neural Network. It is a Supervised Deep Learning technique and we will discuss both theoretical and Practical Implementation from Scratch.

This chapter spans 4 parts:

  1. What is Convolutional Neural Network?
  2. Structure of Convolutional Neural Network.
  3. How Convolutional Neural Network works?
  4. Practical Implementation of Convolutional Neural Network.

1. What are Convolutional Neural Networks?

2. Structure of Convolutional Neural Network.

3. How Convolutional Neural Network Works?

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Now these single long continuous linear vector are input nodes of our fully connection layer.

4. Practical Implementation of Convolutional Neural Network.

If you want dataset and code you also check my Github profile click on link.

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