COVID-19 Crisis Calls for an Urgent Need of Digital Transformation in the Enterprise

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COVID-19 Crisis Calls for an Urgent Need of Digital Transformation in the Enterprise

The need for digital transformation is now visible more than ever for enterprises.

Companies who have not yet adopted digital technologies are struggling hard while digitally transformed businesses are standing tall amid the pandemic. Especially those who have adopted cloud as the backbone of their digital technologies are moving faster in this challenging environment.

COVID-19 has forced enterprises around the world to reimagine operations despite the economic fallout they are facing on corporate budgets. It’s been imperative to digitally transform every touchpoint.

The companies that have connected enterprise solutions and remote technologies in place are easily able to compete, stay efficient, and meet the demands of the workforce and customers through the following ways:

· Undisrupted Business Continuity Plan

In the wake of safety measures brought by pandemic like social distancing has prevented companies to operate from their workstations and offices. It has prompted the workforce to work remotely from their home. No wonder businesses that have embraced digital transformation are better positioned to adapt to immediate demands.

However, continuity is still a consideration for manufacturers and production lines where there exists the need for humans.

· Ensuring The Right Flow Of Information

A transparent, smooth, and swift internal communication is the lifeblood of any organization. A complex internal communication system can create confusion, and often lead crucial information to slip through the cracks. Therefore, organizations need to improve communication and collaboration.

By developing good employee communication technology, CEOs, CIOs, and team leaders can smoothly transmit the information in the workplace with full security. They can filter and group their workforce, send personalized messages, push notifications, send videos, and image in a matter of seconds.

· Information Security

As during the COVID-19 there is a sudden surge in security breaches owing to increased remote working. The latest example of it is underlined in Zoom. The software was not designed considering the sudden surge in the number of people using it remotely.

Keeping information security on place while deploying IT assets and designing products can help combat sudden breaches, data loss and risks.

· Business Resiliency and Flexibility

Data analytics, cloud computing, and SaaS tools are dramatically helping enterprises to strategize and make better business decisions by monitoring real-time business health and customer information.

The cloud solution is helping enterprises in reducing costs, increasing speed, and maintaining operational efficiency.

· Boost Process Automation

Robotic process automation, AI and machine learning or the combination of both intelligent automation (IA) are helping organizations scale up investments, prioritize sales, and match demand and supply. A large-scale steel company, for example, can access the information and factors that will impact the demand for steel, such as demand for automobiles. As per the demand they can match their supply chain production.

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The Final Thought:

Necessity is the mother of invention. COVID-19 has forced all organizations, companies, and enterprises around the world to rethink the way they operated. Fast-tracking digital transformation is the current necessity no more a future to adopt. Digitalization is helping companies not only survive but thrive in the period of pandemic crisis.

So, if your enterprise is still resistant to the concept of digitalization, it is high time to understand its significance and adopt it without any delays.

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