COVID19 Modeling using SIRD Modeling

COVID19 Modeling using SIRD Modeling

Daily challenges are insanely increasing ! name it, Covid-19, fossil energy profit and the evolution of the green energy.
For this reason, science and mathematics has become a necessity to better manage this planet, reduce the reaction time, running cost and to deploy solutions throughout the whole business and medical sectors.

Leaders and focal must have the skills of critical thinking, cognitive flexibility, innovation and communication to survive otherwise you a big setback is waiting you.

In my Introduction in this video I’m shedding light on the status quo of COVID 19 and how the best utilization of data analytics and mathematical modeling can be instrumental.

After the introduction, you can see two typical cases for two countries, namely Qatar and Serbia by using SIRD model to predict the date of returning to normal life plus additional mitigation measures to be applied alongside.

Expected dates of returning back to normal life as per published data via SIRD model are as follows:

(1) 16th July is expected for Qatar.
(2) 24th July is expected for Serbia.

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