CowMask —  Data Augmentation for Self-Supervised Models

Original article was published by Mikhail Raevskiy on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Models with the proposed approach gave results comparable to state-of-the-art. The project code is available in the open repository on GitHub.

Consistency in semi-supervised training

Consistency regularization is a semi-supervised training technique that trains a model using a small amount of labeled data. It works in such a way that the model is trained to resist changes in unlabeled data.

How CowMask works

The researchers adapted the Mean Teacher framework and used it as a base for the approach. They used two networks: a student network and a teacher network. Both models predict vectors with probabilities for each class. The student network is trained in a standard manner using gradient descent. After each update of the parameters, the weights of the teacher network are updated so that they are an exponential moving average of the weights of the student model. At the same time, there is a hyperparameter with the help of which the stability and speed of how the teacher network follows the student network are regulated.

CowMask generation algorithm pseudocode

CowMask generation algorithm. Source: Arxiv

CowMask was used for two types of consistency regularization: mask-based erasure and mask-based mixing.

Pseudocode with functionals for two types of regularization: erasure and mixing.

Details of the approach evaluation are available in the original article.

Original Paper

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