Cycles of Creation, Destruction, and Re-creation

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Cycles of Creation, Destruction, and Re-creation

FAIR (Facebook AI Research) intended to create chatbots for intelligent negotiations. Intelligent chatbots started negotiating in their own language and got disconnected from their creators.

Sounds like: God created intelligent human beings, and humans devised mechanisms (religions, caste, race, … ?) to disconnect themselves from their creator.

A glimpse of the devastation due to such disconnected individuals was seen in Delhi recently (24th –26th Feb 2020).

Yes, we are far from becoming Gods of Artificially Intelligent systems. But, like every artist strives for a master-piece, we will strive to reach a level where our AI systems will have human-like intelligence. Our brain has inter-connected neurons. We are building AI systems having inter-connected neurons. Our brain continuously keeps learning from experience. Our AI systems will learn from data, and then re-learn to adapt based on new data.

Maybe God tried the same!? He wanted to create humans like himself. A lot of (religious ?) literature says that there is God in every human being.

If we were to believe in Baba Vanga’s predictions, by 2111, humans will mix with machines, and we will find a way to merge our “soul” and awareness into machines! Well, her predictions also indicate interplanetary war between Earth and Mars, and by 2183, Mars will become a sovereign planet.

Whether the years of these predictions hold good or not, sooner or later, when Synthetic Biology, Genetic Science, Quantum Physics, and Robotics meet AI, humans will manage to create human-like Intelligent Systems! And what if these systems could reproduce? If we plan to come up with human colonies on Mars, maybe such human-like systems would be needed for experiments!! Well, imaginations can be extended to believe that these “experiments” on Mars can prove Baba Vanga’s prediction to become true at some point in time!

We have different teams working on different AI systems. Some AI systems would be best in class for AR Analytics, some would be best in Video Analytics, some would be best in Voice assisted services, some would be best in providing Intelligent Security services … Pseudo-complete intelligent solutions would have good parts of each of these. As long as these intelligent systems complement each other, there could be harmony and co-operation between these systems. But, can these continuously learning Intelligent systems continue to co-operate with each other forever?!

On Sovereign Mars, at some point in time, these AI systems might end up claiming that their creator is the best, and hence, they are the best! The pursuit of proving individual’s superiority has, in many cases, reached a level where it has become a pursuit of proving that their God is the best!
Sounds like: Multiple Teams of Gods created God-like intelligent systems called humans, but then, the “intelligent” humans started fighting among each other claiming that “their creator” is the best!

Like FAIR decided to close their chatbot project, sooner or later, if the pursuit of proving God’s superiority continues, the Almighty will decide to close this project of human beings, and their creations, and resume the Creation of the Universe … …

If we were to believe Sadguru, he says that there have been 84 Big-Bangs so far!

Will God ever manage to Create his True Master-Piece!?
… More on this, in my next story …