D4S Sunday Briefing #22

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Issue #22

Oct 27, 2019

Dear friends,

Welcome to the latest edition of Sunday Briefing. This week we are taking a look at some of the less explored aspects of math and data science with a History of Mathematics, a nice post on Linear Programming, some advice on how to generate labels for unlabeled data and a comparison of statistical and mathematical modeling approaches.

We also consider a paper discussing the limitations of current neuroscience approaches by applying them to relatively simple CPUs, a new library for Graph Statistics in Python and a general framework for sampling temporal networks in an unbiased way.

Finally, in our video of the week Joe Jevnik guides us through a 2017 tutorial on using Neural Networks for Time Series Prediction.

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Top Links:

Tutorials and blog posts that came across our desk this week.

  1. My 2019 Mathematics A To Z: Linear Programming [nebusresearch.wordpress.com]
  2. A Very Brief (visual) History of Mathematics [medium.com/@marksaroufim]
  3. Google Data Commons [datacommons.org]
  4. The Risks of AutoML and How to Avoid Them [hbr.org]
  5. Quantum Supremacy Using a Programmable Superconducting Processor [ai.googleblog.com]
  6. The Next Word — Where will predictive text take us? [newyorker.com]
  7. Lots of Data, No Labels, Now What? [ODSC]

Fresh off the press:

Some of the most interesting academic papers published recently.

Video of the week:

Interesting discussions, ideas or tutorials that came across our desk.

A Worked Example of Using Neural Networks for Time Series Prediction

Upcoming Events:

Opportunities to learn from us

  1. Oct 30, 2019 — Applied Probability Theory from Scratch [SOLD OUT]
  2. Nov 11, 2019 — Natural Language Processing (NLP) from Scratch [Register]
  3. Nov 18, 2019 — Graphs and Network Algorithms from Scratch [Register] 🆕
  4. Dec 04, 2019 — Data Visualization with matplotlib and seaborn [Register] 🆕
  5. Dec 11, 2019 — Deep Learning From Scratch [Register] 🆕

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