D4S Sunday Briefing #28

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D4S Sunday Briefing #28

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Issue #28

Dec 8, 2019

Dear friends,

Welcome to the 28th edition of the Sunday Briefing. This week we split our attention between finance

have exciting posts about NASA’s rules for coding, Information theory and forecasting using “humans in the loop”, and an in-depth look at the statistical mechanics of deep neural networks by one of the leaders in this field.

On the more academic front, we have reviews on Financial series forecasting using deep learning and neural machine translation. Finally, in the video of the week Sara Hooker gives us her perspective on the future of Deep Learning during a keynote on the Future of Finance conference.

On a different note, we are happy to announce the first ever edition of a 2 day training event on Time series modeling with ML and Deep Learning approaches on Mar 15–16, 2020 during the San Jose edition of O’Reilly’s AI/Strata conference.

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Semper discentes,

The D4S team

Top Links:

Tutorials and blog posts that came across our desk this week.

  1. Understanding Transfer Learning for Medical Imaging [ai.googleblog.com]
  2. Biased Algorithms Are Easier to Fix Than Biased People [nytimes.com]
  3. Towards a new theory of learning: Statistical Mechanics of deep neural networks [calculatedcontent.com]
  4. The Power of 10 — NASA’s Rules for Coding [medium.com/better-programming]
  5. Humans-in-the-loop forecasting: integrating data science and business planning [unofficialgoogledatascience.com]
  6. Better intuition for information theory [blackhc.net]
  7. An Epidemic of AI Misinformation [thegradient.pub]

Fresh off the press:

Some of the most interesting academic papers published recently.

Video of the week:

Interesting discussions, ideas or tutorials that came across our desk.

The Future of Deep Learning

Upcoming Events:

Opportunities to learn from us

  1. Dec 11, 2019 — Deep Learning From Scratch [Register]
  2. Jan 17, 2019 — Time Series for Everyone [Register] 🆕
  3. Jan 27, 2019 — Applied Probability Theory for Everyone [Coming Soon]
  4. Mar 15–16, 2019 — Time series modeling: ML and deep learning approachesStrata/AI [Register] 🆕

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