D4S Sunday Briefing #32

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D4S Sunday Briefing #32

A weekly newsletter with the latest developments in Data Science and Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Issue #32

Jan 05, 2020

Dear friends,

Welcome to the first issue of the Sunday Briefing of the new year. We hope that your 2020 is off to an amazing start.

This week we continue our exploration of Recommender Systems, the fundamentals of Deep Learning with posts on the motivations behind Gradient Descent and an introduction to Functional Programming in Python. The academic paper section includes contributions by Yoshua Bengion on the Morality of AI and an introduction of Deep Learning for Graphs

Finally, in the video of the week Anders Munk-Nielsen guides us through an in-depth view of Regression Trees, an unfairly ignored algorithm in the Data Science toolkit.

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Semper discentes,

The D4S team

As we announced a few weeks ago, we are preparing a few changes to the format and content of the newsletter. Today we are happy to announce one of the biggest one. Starting later this month, we will be posting (here) our very own blog articles. Among other one-off type articles exploring different ideas, we will have series that cover the content of books in a programmatic way. These will serve both as inspiration to future training events and as clarification and an expansion of existing content.

The first book we will cover will be Judea Pearls’s Causal Inference in Statistics — A Primer (affiliate link) a short and to the point introduction to Causality. We invite you to follow along and send use your comments and suggestions. Naturally, having a physical copy of the book is not a requirement, but it’s highly recommended as it makes it easier to follow along.

Top Links:

Tutorials and blog posts that came across our desk this week.

  1. Want to make good business decisions? Learn causality [multithreaded.stitchfix.com]
  2. Finally, machine learning interprets gene regulation clearly [phys.org]
  3. Introduction to Functional Programming in Python [medium.com]
  4. Executive Guide To Building Recommendation System [jameskle.com]
  5. Artificial Intelligence Is Rushing Into Patient Care — And Could Raise Risks [scientificamerican.com]
  6. U.S. government limits exports of artificial intelligence software [reuters.com]
  7. Why “Gradient” Descent? [scienceofdata.org]

Fresh off the press:

Some of the most interesting academic papers published recently.

Video of the week:

Interesting discussions, ideas or tutorials that came across our desk.

Anders Munk-Nielsen: Regression Trees

Upcoming Events:

Opportunities to learn from us

  1. Jan 17, 2020 — Time Series for Everyone [Register]
  2. Jan 27, 2020 — Applied Probability Theory for Everyone [Register] 🆕
  3. Mar 15–16, 2020 — Time series modeling: ML and deep learning approachesStrata/AI [Register]

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