Daniel Ambrosi

Original article was published by Beth Jochim on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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Daniel Ambrosi is recognized as one of the founding creators of the emerging AI art movement and is noted for the nuanced balance he achieves in human-AI hybrid art. Based near Silicon Valley in Half Moon Bay, California, Ambrosi holds degrees in architecture and 3D graphics.

Website: http://dreamscapes.ai
Twitter: @danoramas
Instagram: @danoramas

Art+AI Expertise

My Art+AI expertise is primarily focused on creating “Dreamscapes” which are giant landscapes and cityscapes imbued with a stunning degree of unexpected detail through a combination of computational photography and artificial intelligence.

Work with AI

The underlying focus of my work is to reverse engineer the psychology behind the human experience of special places. What I mean by “special places” are precise locations in our world where something very powerful happens; namely, a reaction that goes beyond the visual to also encompass a visceral and cognitive response.

I don’t want viewers to merely see my images; I want my images to take their breath away, and inspire them to think. I want to trigger a sense of place that is beyond real and is wonderful, like an intensely vivid shimmering dream.


Human-AI collaboration is powering an art movement for the 21st century; never before has an artist been able to collaborate with their tools to this degree. AI enables me to realize a vision, accomplish an objective, and execute works that simply would not be possible otherwise.