Data Crunching Begins !!

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

Have you ever been amazed by Instagram’s feed where everything you searched for and content related to it appears magically? Or how Amazon and Flipkart always give amazing recommendations of what all to buy along with the product you are buying? Or how Netflix always recommend you amazing movies to watch? If all these questions have been bugging you, you have come to the right place.

Hi, my name is Nupur Kapur and I am a budding data scientist. Welcome to my first blog and fasten your seat belts for an amazing journey along with me. So let’s answer all your questions that have been bugging you so much.

The answer to all the questions above is Data. Data? How is that possible? All these companies have a huge amount of data of each user and they use this data to customize your searches even more and more and giving you quite accurate and awesome results. The companies study and analyze your data to understand what you like and what you will like.

Data Science is the study of data. It employs methods and techniques to study and analyze the data and extract knowledge and insights from the data. It involves feeding data into algorithms to derive results and predictions from it. Data science involves the expertise of various fields, i.e, Machine Learning, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science.

Data Science is a vast field and it has a huge number of applications. It’s one of the most demanded skills these days and it has an amazing future ahead. Since this is an introductory blog, we will discuss all the aspects of data science and its application in my next blog.

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