Data Science and Machine Learning — Crash Course

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Data Science and Machine Learning — Creating Environment

I am sure that you always have wondered the starting point for learning data science and machine learning, In this series of article, I will start from the zero and will try to explain every single thing in simple words.

Before going forward, I am assuming that you have some knowledge of programming in python 3.** or at least you’re willing to learn it.

OK, Let move forward.

Setup the environment for development

Open your browser, got to the official website of the anaconda, select your OS, follow the instruction to install for Python 3.** and that’s it as we don’t need anything as of now.

Start Anaconda-Nevigator,

For windows, go to start menu, find and start Anaconda Navigator.

For Mac, Press Space with command key, write Anaconda Navigator and click on it.

after starting anaconda navigator you will see a list of tools where you have to select Jupyter as it will be our IDE throughout this course.

Anaconda Navigator

Click on the Launch button to start Jupyter, It will redirect you to a screen like below. Click on the New button, select Python 3.

Launching a new python 3 book in Jupyter
Hello world in Jupyter notebook

Well, That’s all for creating the development environment. Let me know in the comments if you get any problem or any unusual behavior of Anaconda-Navigator.

See you in the next part.