Data Science Courses you should take in 2020

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Data Science Courses you should take in 2020

Which Data Science course you should choose

Learning online is definitely the most popular form of learning right. Starting with free YouTube tutorials to great platforms like MIT OCWare, Udacity and Coursera, it’s never been easier to take a course or two on anything. In this post I review some general Data Science courses from different platforms.

Data Science Courses to take in 2020.

Beginner Courses

If you’re just starting with Data Science then you should learn fundamentals of Python or R, working with Anaconda or other IDE and build your first functional code.

Introduction to Data Science in Python from University of Michigan is a popular introductory Data Science course for anyone to start with. It’s easy to get into it and just start doing homework to learn.

If you’re looking for a professional certificate for your Data Science Skills then you should look at IBM Data Science course, also on Coursera. It consists of 9 courses and it goes from the ground up, explaining Data Science and who to use it.

Nanodegrees are especially popular on Udacity and they also have a complete Data Science course to start with. It’s a great way to build your experience and get a certificate which will help you land your first Data Science Job.

There’s also Edureka which offers complete Data Science degrees from a very basic to a master level. Data Science certificate can be found here.

Intermediate Courses

If you’ve already done a couple of projects by yourself, worked a 1 or 2 as a Data Scientist, it’s time to take more advanced courses. You should check Kaggle for interesting datasets and then do get to work on machine learning models.

One of more popular Machine Learning courses is Machine Learning Specialization by University of Washington. You’ll learn fundamentals of Machine Learning: classification, clustering, and more.

On the other hand again Udacity offers an Advanced Machine Learning Nanodegree. It’s also worth taking, because they go through real use cases of how you can use Machine Learning in business.

Yet another course worth mentioning is Applied AI course by IBM which offers learning about frameworks like Keras and Tensorflow, so that you can start deploying your machine learning models.

Expert Courses

Past certain point you’ll learn more from papers and talking with other experts. But it’s definitely nice to have a look at a classic Machine Learning course by Andrew Ng offered at Stanford. You can have also a look at, which offers specialization in Deep Learning and is probably one of the most advance specialization available online (together with

Also you should definitely check Papers With Code, which links newest research with Github repositories, so that you can use the code right away.

This is all about Data Science courses in 2020. If you want more inspirations check Data Science Rush or my other articles.