Data science facts you should know before deep dive into data science

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Data science facts you should know before deep dive into data science

1.Defense forces from different countries across the globe are embedding AI into weapons and other systems used on land, naval, airborne, and space platforms.

Using AI in systems based on these platforms has enabled the development of efficient warfare systems, which are less reliant on human input. It has also led to increased synergy and enhanced performance of warfare systems while requiring less maintenance.

2.Military systems are often vulnerable to cyber attacks, which can lead to loss of classified military information and damage to military systems. However, systems equipped with AI can autonomously protect networks, computers, programs, and data from any kind of unauthorized access.

3.AI techniques are being developed to enhance the accuracy of target recognition in complex combat environments. These techniques allow defense forces to gain an in-depth understanding of potential operation areas by analyzing reports, documents, news feeds, and other forms of unstructured information. Machine learning is used to recognize targets.For eg-DARPA’s Target Recognition and Adaption in Contested Environments (TRACE) program uses machine learning techniques to automatically locate and identify targets with the help of Synthetic-Aperture Radar (SAR) images.

4.In war zones, AI can be integrated with Robotic Surgical Systems (RSS) and Robotic Ground Platforms (RGPs) to provide remote surgical support and evacuation activitiely. United States of America is the first one to used these techniques.

5.Simulation & training is a multidisciplinary field that pairs system engineering, software engineering, and computer science to construct computerized models that acquaint soldiers with the various combat systems deployed during military operations. The US is investing increasingly in the simulation & training applications.

6.AI is particularly useful for quickly and efficiently processing large volumes of data in order to obtain valuable information.

AI can assist in culling and aggregating information from different datasets, as well as acquire and sum supersets of information from various sources.Moreover it is used to get correlation within data and output possible from it in terms of signals.

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