Data Science for Everyone

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Data Science for Everyone

Bringing power of AI and data science for all

Around 1980, Bill Gates gave Microsoft, the company he founded, a clear mission: “A computer on every desk and in every home.” It was this mission which made Microsoft one of the most successful companies in the world. It has also changed and helped entire human race to be more productive. Without this mission, the technology would have been restricted to a few and we would have never seen productivity of human race at the current levels

Bringing the power of AI and data science for all

There is so much data around us and not enough brain power to analyse it. The demand for data scientist has outpaced the supply. Though there are many tools which provide a way to do AI and data science, however they remain immensely complex for a non-technical person.

History has shown that all successful technological revolution had one common underlying theme — making it usable for all. All technologies which thrived are the ones which transitioned from a few handful of people usage to making it available for all. Windows, Excel, Cloud computing are all such examples where technology was made available and usable for all.

Like in 1980s, the PC-on-every desk made the human race more productive, we need something similar in the data world.

One possible answer is eazyAI (

So what is eazyAI

eazyAI ( allows anyone to take advantage of AI and data science

You can extract value from data without any technical hassle. There is no need to set-up any servers or any infrastructure.

No programming is required. You just need to bring your data and good humour. All important analytics are available and ready-to-use.

No monthly charges. You do not have to pay any monthly charges. You just pay based on your use of analytics for your data.

eazyAI can be used by non-technical people as well as data scientists. Basically it is for everyone who wants a hassle-free way to extract value from data

Ready-to-use Analytics

eazyAI has many ready-to-use analytics. Just upload your data and extract value by using some cutting edge analytics. Here is a list of analytics which is currently provided

Basic Statistics Univariate Analysis, such as profiling, unique value count, frequency counts, cumulative percentage value, Histogram

Correlation to find relations between columns

Clustering to find groups or segments in data

Outlier Analysis to find unusual or strange values in the data

Visualisation such as Bar-plots, Scatter-plots, Line-plots, Heatmap, Radar-Chart to explore your data

More ready-to-use analytics will be introduced

Built-in Education

eazyAI is made with an educative-grounds up approach. This means that eduction on data science is built-in. So even if you do not have any formal education in data science, you need not worry. All analytics are “data-story style” with explanations, so that you will also educate yourself along the way.

Built-in education and Preview with Test Data

All analytics also provide a summary text of the results. This helps you to easily interpret and understand the result

Intelligent Summary of analysis

You do not have to pay for using test data and education. You just pay for analytics on your data. And that too only for successful executed analytics.

Go try out eazyAI ( and let your make your hassle-free AI and data science journey happen