Data vs Lore – An Introduction to the ethical concerns surrounding artificial intelligence – The Metropolitan

Original article was published on artificial intelligence

Because of its simplicity, this article is not meant to be the whole of your learning experience and educational links will be provided throughout so you can learn more. 

Television, movies, books, everywhere you turn these days the discussion and stories often center around Artificial Intelligence (AI). Because of the media attention and our vast imaginations, understanding what is real and what is science-fiction can be a challenge. What is AI really like, and what is fantasy, at least for now? This short series will explore that and much more. 

In this part of the series, we’re going to explore the risks associated with AI development. From lost jobs to biased systems, we’ll explore the realistic ethical and social risks that AI poses. For more information about how AI works, check out the first part of this series here, and to explore current AI applications and uses, check out the second part of this series here.