DDI Weekly Selection — April 2, 2019

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

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Volatility compels calm amid the storm

By Jim Katzaman

Few things travel in a straight line in nature, especially the economy. While investors and consumers hope for calm, volatility is often the norm.

Knowing how to survive in volatile environments and markets falls in the lap of professionals such as Ayò Bánkólé. He is both a strategy and business transformation specialist, plus a small-to-medium-enterprise coach and founder of Caladium Consulting.[read more]

Deep Learning Explained in 7 Steps

By Bingran Lu

Self-driving cars, Alexa, medical imaging — gadgets are getting super smart around us with the help of deep learning.

But why does deep learning work? Why does Alexa recognize me and how can a car drive itself? Can we explain it with cats?

Sure we can!

Let’s dive in and understand deep learning in 7 steps![read more]

The Seductive Business Logic of Algorithms

By Norbert Biedrzycki

A computer’s ability to resolve ever more complex problems based on prior experience and interactions with humans has brought about a breakthrough in the development of smart technologies. The question is, why have these new machine skills popularized some technologies but not others?[read more]