Deep Bacterial Dancer — neural style video

The first time I saw neural style i was deeply amazed.

later, after I got over the first shock I was trying to find out what other cool things I can do with it.

It was then when Mark Poli, my bacteriologist friend, show me how bacteria have their own mobility skills and can create this nice shapes all by themselves while growing on a petri dish.

bacteria on a petri dish

He just add color so we can actually see them, but the “painting” — that’s all their work.

Adding Yael Raber — a trapeze dancer to the story:

Trapeze dancer

Now, we thought, what if we mix them together?

Since movement is the key here, I thought that I must make the final result as a video. So i took the following steps:

1. film Yael dancing

2. break down the video into frames

3. run neural style on each of the frames, with the frame being the content and the bacteria being the style

4. render all the output frames back into a video.

And here it is, neural style video of a bacterial dancer…

I’m going to post the code base for this process soon, so stay tuned!

Source: Deep Learning on Medium