Deep into Learning : 2. What? who? why? is Deep Learning?

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Where is deep learning used?

The Answer is its everywhere, you use facebook, instagram, netflix, amazon,….etc. daily which uses deep learning to recommend stuffs.

I know,

True That :( , btw this is my linkedin & twitter cover pic 😆

But not only recommending you stuffs, Deep Learning is also being used for the goodness of mankind now a days. Its used in Healthcare, diagnosis of disease which doctors may even not find(better accuracy that doctors nowadays) . Doctors + AI = Healthy life.

There are tons of applications of Deep learning. One of the recent and fascinating(atleast to me) application is the Self Driving cars. Soon we will be travelling in Autonomous Vehicles. Stock prediction, spam classification, even in security systems, … on…..

So What makes Deep Learning?

Neural networks are the heart of Deep Learning, the idea is to mimic the human brain. We all know the human brain is so complicated, its the networks of neuron cells, which does amazing things like me writing this mini blog, you reading this blog and understanding it( or totally swearing me 😢), WE THINK AND ENGAGE ! that is because of some complex process going in the complex neural network of the brain.

So can we make such a complex network and make another thinking intelligence like human. May be , But atleast neural network(Artificial) does amazing job in par with humans.

From now neural network mean ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORK, not the brains neural network.

This is us , trying to copy the brain’s netowrk architecture 😛

In short, We want to explore how brain does all these complex functions, so we introduced some mathematical model called Neural Network.We will discuss in detail later. Lets start with the important concepts we need to understand and work with Deep Learning.

Feel free to suggest/critic , this series on Deep Learning is for my personal experience and hope it may help someone.

See you in the next post.

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