Deep into Learning : Intro to Deep Learning

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

Hello all, This is going to be a series of mini & quick blogs on Deep Learning. Mostly covering the mathematics behind learning process, coding it from scratch.

I will be using Python3 for most of the time. But i may also use JavaScript & MatLab.

We will be discussing the math behind every concept and coding it from scratch without using any ML/DL Framework. After coding it from scratch , we will use some framework like Tensorflow/Pytorch to show how its done more better.

Introducing myself, I am shangeth, student(Masters in Mathematics & Bachelors in EEE). I had some good experience with ML , and still learning and researching in DL field. Worked as a Software Developer at a fintech, AI Developer with Self Driving Cars, Computer Vision Developer at a government facility, right now doing research in Deep Learning.

Feel free to suggest/critic , this series on Deep Learning is for my personal experience and hope it may help someone.

See you in the next post.

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