Deep Learning, anyone?

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

Recently I had the good fortune of participating in a Deep Learning workshop run by Silverpond. With only basic Python knowledge and a good grasp of maths as prerequisites, I was curious to see what was in store.

It was a great mix of theory interspersed with hands-on examples. We used Tensor Flow to address the concepts within neural networks, experimented with DeepScite for academic reading recommendations and discussed the most recent advances in Deep Learning.

As is often the case with Data Science gatherings, the assembled group was a broad mix of programmers, analysts, business folk and researchers, generating great discussions in the sessions as well as during the breaks. What was really clever of the crew at Silverpond is that they are organising a follow up show-and-tell session to see how workshop participants have applied Deep Learning techniques in their own work and to foster the growing Data Science community in Melbourne.

What a great session and a wonderful opportunity to meet and mingle with others in the Data Science community in Melbourne! Thanks to Noon & Lyndon and the rest of the crew at Silverpond for a great day of getting my hands dirty with deep learning. Looking forward to coming back early next year for the show-and-tell get together!!